We will help you to ensure that your minor children living in Hong Kong with you will be taken care of immediately by trusted friends of family in case of simultaneous death of both parents.

In the absence of a deed of guardianship validly drafted for Hong Kong, any child below the age of 18 will be taken into care by Hong Kong social services. A procedure is required to transfer the care to the guardians appointed according to French law or by a document drafted according to French law. The nomination in advance of guardians by deed in Hong Kong allows for the immediate recognition of such guardians and the care of the minor children by the guardians, without intervention of Hong Kong social services.

Fongs’ International Practice can help you to draft this deed and nominate temporary guardians - living in Hong Kong - entrusted to take care of the minor children until the arrival of the definitive guardians.


French nationals living in Hong Kong with minor children, especially if one parent suffers a life-threatening condition.

Cases illustrations

  • Introductory meeting, drafting the deed of guardianship and make arrangements for the signature meeting.